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How long does it take to get my test results?

Test results are delivered to you within 30 minutes and all tests are delivered within 24 hours.

Where will my test be performed?

Sample collection for diagnostic tests are performed at Gather Labs at 218 S Robertson Blvd, Beverly Hills, CA 90211. Our office is street level in the Beverly Hills/West Hollywood area of Los Angeles.

If my test is positive will someone call me?

Upon check in you can request any notification method you prefer. You may ask the clinician on staff any questions about your results by phone, email or telemedicine.

How is Gather Labs different from other testing sites?

Gather Labs is a high complexity CLIA laboratory and medical clinic in one. While most clinics are one or the other, we are both. This enables us to process all tests in house so patients receive results faster and can ask any questions along the way and even speak to the technician processing the test if they choose to. Gather Labs is focused on top-tier customer service, quality and faster results.

Will you test my event?

Yes we test dinner parties, weddings, conferences, concerts, board meetings and other events so participants may gather safely.

What is an RT-PCR test?

Reverse Transcription Polymerase Chain Reaction

A laboratory method used to make many copies of a specific genetic sequence for analysis. It uses an enzyme called reverse transcriptase to change a specific piece of RNA into a matching piece of DNA. This piece of DNA is then amplified by another enzyme called DNA polymerase. The amplified DNA copies help tell whether a specific mRNA molecule is being made by a gene. While invented over 40 years ago and used for a variety of molecular assays, RT-PCR has been especially prevalent in years of late for detection of SARS-Co-V-2. RT-PCR typically looks for an active viral load within the body.

What is an Antigen test?

An antigen is any substance that causes the body to make an immune response against that substance. Antigens include toxins, chemicals, bacteria, viruses, or other substances that come from outside the body. Antigen tests are commonly used in the diagnosis of respiratory pathogens, including influenza viruses and respiratory syncytial virus. 

Why does it take so long to receive PCR test results?

RT-PCR tests are molecular tests that typically require a few steps, including sample collection, extraction, processing and resulting. A PCR instrument takes around 1-2 hours to process. However, the accession and extraction to prepare the sample takes about 30 minutes prior to that. Many labs have a long queue so the sample is typically refrigerated awaiting its turn. Rapid PCR tests are smaller table-top devices that can lead to results in 30 minutes. Gather Labs results rapid PCR tests in 30 minutes and larger instrument processing within 24 hours.

What are viral variants?

Changes and mutations of viruses. According to the CDC, viruses constantly change through mutation and sometimes these mutations result in a new variant of the virus. Some variants emerge and disappear while others persist. New variants will continue to emerge. Scientists monitor all variants but may classify certain ones as variants being monitored, variants of interest, variants of concern and variants of high consequence. Some variants spread more easily and quickly than other variants, which may lead to more cases. Even if a variant causes less severe disease in general, an increase in the overall number of cases could cause an increase in hospitalizations, put more strain on healthcare resources and potentially lead to more deaths.

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