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Humanizing Healthcare: Rachael McCrary’s Vision for Gather Labs
Founders in LA Podcast

In this episode of Founders in LA, we had the pleasure of speaking with Rachael McCrary, Founder and CEO of Gather Labs. Rachael describes Gather Labs as a modernized clinical diagnostic laboratory with a unique twist – it offers a spa-like experience for patients while providing a wide range of tests, from wellness panels to traditional blood tests.

This CEO Became a Better Leader By Harnessing a Practice Traditionalists Ignore

In today's hyper-accelerated and ultra-competitive business world, leaders often find themselves in an array of challenges that demand quick and effective decision-making. From troubleshooting a product during a high-stakes public launch to navigating complex emotions during negotiations, our nervous systems are consistently placed in "fight-or-flight" mode.

LA Mag

Rachael McCrary, CEO of Gather Labs dares to ask: why is diagnostic testing a last resort? Going to the doctor can be a frustrating experience for many people who feel like doctors aren’t taking their concerns seriously. There is a long process between convincing a doctor that there is something amiss to being able to get a test run. McCrary’s company flips this process on its head, offering comprehensive diagnostic tests before a patient goes to the doctor. Gather Labs gives you the data upfront, so your doctor can analyze your concerns while evaluating test results at the same time.

CEO Weekly

In most stories, fashion and healthcare are two separate worlds. But for Rachael McCrary, they effortlessly blend. Once a fashion designer, Rachael is now the CEO and Founder of Gather Labs, a groundbreaking healthcare venture. She went from making comfortable lingerie to creating a healthcare revolution. It was a pathway that wove expertise with an instinctive desire to serve.

Dismantling Stigma: Man Up: Routine STI Checks Matter
Men Health Mag

By Rachael McCrary. When it comes to achieving optimal health, most men aren’t likely familiar with all the tools at their disposal. However, from meal preps to stick to the latest diet, different sleep hacks to feel fresh every morning, tailored workout programs for that summer body, and science-backed supplements to fill in the gaps, men will seek every new hack that can take their health to the next level.

Gather Labs CEO Rachael McCrary Redefines Core Healthcare Experiences
YFS Magazine

A new generation of entrepreneurs are making healthcare better, more accessible, and more enjoyable for millions of people around the world. Rachael McCrary, founder, and CEO of Gather Labs is one of them. Healthcare disruptors have an opportunity to redefine the consumer experience. McCrary, a seasoned technology and fashion entrepreneur harnessed her passion to do that and more by creating practical products and solutions to fill the gaps in many core consumer experiences — from post-surgical recovery support to same-day lab result processing.

Ep 32: Reimagining Healthcare: Rachael McCrary's Quest for Patient-Centric Diagnostics
Disrupt & Innovate

In this episode, Lisa Levy and Rachael McCrary,the founder and CEO of Gather Labs,take you on an inspiring journey of entrepreneurship, innovation, and the transformation of the laboratory industry. Rachael's entrepreneurial spirit and innovative thinking have led her to disrupt the traditional laboratory industry and create a patient-centric experience. From her background in fashion and technology to her mission of providing faster, easier, and more empowering diagnostics, Rachel's story is filled with passion and determination.

Breakfast Leadership Podcast

Rachael McCrary is an extraordinary woman and the founder and CEO of Gather Labs in Beverly Hills. She is not only vested in the medical tech space but is also a fashion mogul who created “Jewel Toned”, a lingerie fashion brand, as well as the RxBra. Through the development of the RxBra and her connections in Asia, Rachael started supplying PPE and COVID tests to local doctors and plastic surgeons in Los Angeles.


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G2 Intelligence

As previously reported by G2 Intelligence, many labs and diagnostics companies that started as COVID-19 testing labs early in the pandemic are now struggling or have even had to close as testing demand plummets. However, one lab that began as a COVID-19 test provider but has successfully pivoted to other types of testing is Gather Labs, a high complexity CLIA lab based in Beverly Hills, CA, offering same-day results.


When you have an idea you know can change the world, the path to bringing that idea to life can feel like a fictional hero’s journey. Forward-thinking founders who are devoted to their vision know that this road is filled with more twists and turns than an M. Night Shyamalan script.

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In a powerful discussion held at Gather Labs in Beverly Hills, a panel of entertainment and medical leaders shed light on the pressing need for the LA community – especially those in the adult film industry, those who use popular apps for casual dating, and those who are newly sexually active – to have access to better, more thorough information about safe and healthy sex practices.

LA Weekly

Tucked away in the heart of Beverly Hills, California, lies Gather Labs—a vertically-integrated, same-day result, high-complexity CLIA laboratory known for its customer-first culture and concierge approach to medical testing. And it’s this lab that spearheaded a revolutionary event that’s setting the medical technology (MedTech) industry abuzz: “The Rise of STDs and MedTech’s Role in its Fall.”

LA Collide

In honor of the company’s recent expansion, the Gather Labs team hosted a special event at its Beverly Hills headquarters with some of the most prevalent and influential voices in Los Angeles, across multiple industries (from sex worker advocate and webcam model, Ginger Banks, to MD and sexual medicine specialist, Dr. Joshua R Gonzalez, to Fast Company contributor, Susan Karlin) to discuss how best to approach this timely issue.

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We had the good fortune of connecting with Rachael McCrary and we’ve shared our conversation below. Hi Rachael, can you tell us about a book that has had a meaningful impact on you? The book “The Hard Thing About Hard Things” is a favorite of mine because, unlike some business books...

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In L.A. Inno's first Female Founders to Watch list, we're spotlighting entrepreneurs we think you should have on your radar in 2023. VC deal flow in L.A. for female-founded companies has been up-and-down since 2015, when the total deal value for women-led startups was more than $370 million, according to Pitchbook.

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One Year After Launching, the Leading CLIA Laboratory Doubles Down on Its Commitment to Deliver Same-Day Lab Results for 100+ Tests & Elevates the Standard of Diagnostics in America by Expanding its Flagship Facility in Beverly Hills.

LA Collide

The pandemic was a wake-up call for the world to notice gaps in their respective healthcare systems. The US was no exception. While quick isolation and treatment were the need of the hour, COVID-19 affected patients who struggled to get lab tests results in a timely manner.

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In recent years, Lee served as an adviser and angel investor to startups. His Crunchbase profile lists multiple personal investments, including in Tile and Gather Labs. The 43-year-old had children, enjoyed live music and traveled frequently, according to an obituary in The San Francisco Standard.


Many of us in business have a startup founder friend (we may even be that friend) who is knee-deep in the process of launching or scaling their company and needs support; however, they may not know how to ask for this help.

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I'm Rachael McCrary, the founder and CEO of Gather Labs, the first 100% vertically-integrated, high-complexity CLIA laboratory of its kind to offer same-day lab results for over 100 diagnostic tests.

Authority Magazine

We also need a more streamlined STD/STI testing system that is easy, fast, and accessible. STDs and STIs have been on the rise for years, and although there are many factors at play, one of the biggest reasons is the lack of access to screening with same-day results.


The founders of Healthvana, Gather Labs and CARI Health have all created a device or service to help people manage their health.

LA Weekly

Gather Labs has revolutionized the diagnostic experience. We have created a luxurious testing experience for improved patient workflow for faster treatment and care. Testing can be fast, comprehensive and even fun!

WeAreLATech Startup Spotlight: Rachael McCrary of Gather Labs
Elevate Your Brand

McCrary has harnessed her passion for creating practical products and solutions to fill the gaps in many core consumer experiences.

WeAreLATech Startup Spotlight: Rachael McCrary of Gather Labs
WeAreLATech Startup Spotlight

Rachael McCrary of Gather Labs talks about how the company is allowing people to gather safely during a pandemic.

Rachael McCrary LA Weekly Times
Los Angeles Weekly Times

Rachael McCrary, Co-Founder of Gather Labs in Beverly Hills, Providing Full Lab and COVID Testing On-Site with No Waiting

Entrance to Gather Labs, Rapid COVID testing in Los Angeles
Yahoo! Finance

Gather Labs Opens Its Doors in Beverly Hills, Providing Full Lab and COVID-19 Testing Services On-site With No Hassle or Waiting

Gather Labs caters to consumers who want a more personalized experience.
Today's Clinical Lab

The COVID-19 pandemic not only spawned a host of new pop-up clinical laboratories to test for the SARS-CoV-2 virus, but it also spurred the creation of new “boutique” labs.

Entrepreneur's Enigma: Rachael McCrary From Fashion Design To Healthcare
Entrepreneur's Enigma

Rachael McCrary wanted to be fashion designer. From fashion design to healthcare -- how COVID inspired her to improve the lab experience for consumers.


Rachael McCrary founder and owner of Gather Labs enjoyed chatting with Dave Whelan of BioscienceLA about dreamers creating startups which begin as ideas, turn into small companies and then perhaps morph into larger companies that impact the economy.

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